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 Clawzkillu12's application

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PostSubject: Clawzkillu12's application   Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:22 am

Real Name: Jared Burris

Current Rank: Builder

Requested Rank: Admin or Op

Minecraft Name: Clawzkillu12

how long have i been on this server: 5 Months maybe 6

Why you think you should be that rank: I think i should be this Rank because i own PigCraft 2 (if you dont know ask Rowan) Dr_takatomi is Co-Owner so is hoverquest and nayrnoxin ive played on this server for a long ass time and when i got admin the server reset.

have you ever been banned from a server and why? No I havent been banned from a server before

why do you want to be this rank: i wanna be this rank because i was before and i liked helpin the people of the server.

your play style: i play to help others and to have fun.

server you have ranks on: My Server im the owner obviously and im a member for previous other servers.

how can we trust you: Skype me ask me anything ask rowan about me

how old are you: 15

skype name: Buckmeow777
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Clawzkillu12's application
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