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 Storm007man application (Helper)

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PostSubject: Storm007man application (Helper)   Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:52 am

Real name: Carl Bengtsson

Current rank: Builder

Requested rank: Helper

Minecraft name: Storm007man

How long have you played on are server: about 3 moths

Why you think you should be that rank: Becasuse I like to help people

Have you ever been banned from a server and why?: I have only bean banned from my friends server because i kept on killing hi. But I don't kill people that much anymore in PvP areas.

Why Do you want to be a higher rank: Because I like to help people and I am on literally everyday.

Your play style: Redstone contraptions

Servers you have ranks on: None more than PigCraft

How can we trust you: Because i have not grieafed (I place back the blocks I accidentaly break that are not mine) and I haven't stolen from any one and I play on the server all the time.

How old are you: 13

Skype name: CarlStormDoodle
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Storm007man application (Helper)
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