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 Altair1205's creative builder/staff application

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PostSubject: Altair1205's creative builder/staff application   Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:32 am

Real name: Lucas

Current rank:member

Requested rank:I don't mind to be honest I just want to help out the server so any rank would be fine with me.
Minecraft name:Altair1205

How long have you on are server:6 2 days.... lol

Why do you think you should be that rank: Because I see real potential within this server and I want to help it as much as possible so I can be apart of this wondrous server that I think with a little help could be as big as tekkit nation.

Have you ever been banned from a server and why?: Actually yes I have been banned on servers three to be correct. One because of the admin was corrupt and banned all members second because I used to be really good at PvP and the server owner got to much complaints about my beastliness in pvp. But I was unbanned and actually later on in that server I got Co-Owner lol funny story right?

Why do you want to be a higher rank?: So I can practice building protect against all who disobey the rules and build amazing stuff for the server. Also I'm good at advertising and I've started to see lack of people on the server.

Your play style:Working within a group of faction or town etc. of people.

Servers you have ranks on:On two other tekkit servers one was named Crystal Craft PvP and one named well it didn't have a name. On Crystal Craft PvP I was the Co-Owner it is no longer up because of lack of care by the main Owner. On the one that didn't have a name I was moderator and I built a ton of buildings for the server and amazing structures but then a corrupt admin griefed it all then swiftstar1 the owner flipped out and closed the server. And countless times on normal Minecraft servers. One I remember I was moderator and it closed because no one was willing to give some donations another one is on a server that we would just dink around in with my friends. Point is I have lots of experience within being a operator on servers.

How can we trust you?:I'm very mature and responsible I'd never abuse powers and am a open book for any question you could possibly ask. I'm 100% against griefing and would do anything for this server. And I'm a decent builder in my opinion you can see that already in the town Rome. The home I built was based off a real roman home in Rome that actually exists.

How old are you:14 Soon to be 15 December 5th

what is your Skype name: I don't have Skype but I'm willing to get it if it mean't I'd be apart of the wonderful servers staff.
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Altair1205's creative builder/staff application
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