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 Ban Appeal

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal   Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:24 am

Minecraft Name: Mixture

Why you were banned: No idea except maybe having the steak I got from another player

How long are you banned: No clue it does not say

Who banned you: No idea I thought I was cool with everyone even the owner and I always help people out

Why should you be unbanned: I fell I didn't do anything wrong if I did im very sorry but how will I know unless someone tells me? I am not a bad person and I do not grief others I just want to build thats all. I have pvped with a few people but I don't know if that is against the rules since pvp is on also I have given the items back to the people I have fought except for the ones who tried to kill me for no reason but to steal from me.
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Ban Appeal
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